• Annual three day heavy music festival
  • 45+ bands all over the rock, punk, and metal spectrum
  • Vendor area with food and drink, arts and crafts, merchandise
  • Gaming area with wiffle ball, cornhole, beer pong, bear pong
  • Metal karaoke, movies, and games on our giant projection screen
  • Outdoor camping all weekend
  • Dates: Friday August 24th, Saturday August 25th, Sunday August 26th
  • Location: Millers Falls Rod and Gun Club [millersfallsrodandgun.com]
  • Address: 210 Turners Falls Rd, Turners Falls, MA 01376 [Google Maps]


Click to enlarge, right-click and "save as..." to download

Click to enlarge, right-click and "save as..." to download


Sponsors and vendors can arrive and set up any time between 10 AM and 11 PM Thurs-Sun.  If you set up on Thursday or between 10 AM and 12 PM Fri-Sun you will have vehicle access to all Vendor locations – otherwise you will have a short walk to carry gear.  You are welcome to vend as early or late as you like.

Unless we've specifically made other arrangements with you, each sponsor and vendor will receive two to four weekend wristbands based on your sponsor/vendor tier.  Please review our Check In List to review and edit the names of your crew. 

Check in at the Main Gate to receive your wristbands.  If you have camping gear, you can drop it off at the Camping Drop Off area.  $50 Vendors will drop vending gear off next to their Vending area, then proceed to Vendor Parking.  $100 and Prime Vendors have vehicle access to their Vending areas on Thursday and from 10 AM to 12 PM Fri-Sun – otherwise please park in the Vendor Parking area and walk your gear to your Vending area.


  • Thurs, August 23rd 10AM - Gates Open for Vendors / Volunteers / Bands
  • Thurs, August 23rd, 10 AM to 8 PM - Setup
  • Fri, August 24th, 10 AM - Gates Open for Vendors / Volunteers / Bands
  • Fri, August 24th, 11 AM to 4 PM - Setup
  • Fri, August 24th, 4PM - Gates Open for Public
  • Fri, August 24th, 4 PM to 11 PM - RPM Fest Day 1
  • Sat, August 25th, 10 AM - Gates Open for Vendors / Volunteers / Bands
  • Sat, August 25th, 12PM - Gates Open for Public
  • Sat, August 25th, 12PM to 11 PM - RPM Fest Day 2
  • Sun, August 26th, 10 AM - Gates Open for Vendors / Volunteers / Bands
  • Sun, August 26th, 12PM - Gates Open for Public
  • Sun, August 26th, 12PM to 9 PM - RPM Fest Day 3
  • Sun, August 27th, 9 PM to 11 PM - Cleanup
  • Mon, August 27th, 9 AM to 5 PM - Cleanup
  • Mon, August 27th, 11 AM - Site clear for all non-staff and volunteers


  • Vendor spaces are approximately 10' x 10' ("approximately" meaning there's plenty of space and therefore flexibility, but if your tent is obviously oversized or you have two pop-ups we will ask you to pay for a second space).

  • Vendors must supply their own tent, booth, table, chairs, etc.

  • You are welcome to camp at your vendor space.  If you have a vehicle, RV, camper, etc. to sleep in please park and camp in the designated vehicle camping area.

  • Prime Vendors will have low-wattage use electricity (i.e. LED lights, phone chargers).  No microwaves, computers, deep fryers, hair dryers, etc.  Non-Prime Vendors should bring battery-powered LED lights if they want to be visible at night (like these).  RPM is a late-night crowd - activities and games will be happening all night, and the bar will be open until 1 AM, so don't discount the later hours.

  • Generators will ONLY be allowed if they are quiet (under 65 dB).  We recommend Honda EU series.




  • Please confirm your Partner status now.
  • Complete and submit the Partner Confirmation Form to submit your business information, logo, graphics, and other details to help us publicize your involvement.
  • If paying by credit card, debit card, or PayPal, please complete the online Partner Payment
  • If paying by check, please make out payments to "PDP Productions" and mail to:
    • PDP Productions
      50 Raymond Road
      Greenfield, MA
  • If paying by cash, or if you need an invoice, please contact partners@rpmfest.org to make arrangements.
  • Your slot is NOT confirmed until we have your payment on file.



  • We will print 1000 copies of our program to be distributed to all attendees upon entry to the festival.
  • We are limited to 14 total pages of advertisement space in the program.  Advertisers will be selected first come, first serve.
  • All advertisements submitted should be in grayscale and in a vector format or minimum 300 dpi in the dimensions for your tier listed below.
  • Click here to download templates in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop formats.
  • Design services for a basic design using your submitted business logo and information are available for a flat fee of $50.


  • Eighth Page - $30
    • 1.933" x 2.433"
  • Quarter Page - $45
    • 2.433" x 3.933" (vertical) or 5" x 1.866" (horizontal)
  • Half Page - $60
    • 5" x 3.933"
  • Full Page - $100
    • 5.5" x 8.5" - please keep important elements (such as text) at least 1/4” from the edge of your full page ad to prevent them from being cut off during printing
  • Advertisement Design Services - $50
    • Basic design including your submitted business logo and information



  • Vendor fee covers space and entry to the festival for all three days.
  • Site will tentatively open for setup at 10 AM on Friday Aug. 25th.
  • RPM Fest running hours are tentatively: 5 to 11 PM Friday Aug. 24th, 1 to 11 PM Saturday Aug. 25th, 1 PM to 8 PM Sunday Aug. 26th.
  • Attendees will be camping through the weekend so we highly recommend that you stay as late as possible, provided you abide by the noise curfew each night.  Vendors are welcome to camp overnight.
  • Each vendor space is 10' x 10'.
  • Vendors must supply own tent / booth / cart / etc.
  • Non-food vendors may not sell food / drink.
  • Electricity is limited to low-wattage use (i.e. LED lights).
  • Food vendors must apply for a temporary food service permit with the Montague, MA Health Dept. All permits and licenses are the responsibility of the vendor.


  • Budget Vendor - $50
    • Vendor spaces at south edge of prime vendor village
  • Vendor - $100
    • Vendor spaces around food court and games area
  • Prime Vendor - $150
    • Vendor spaces in prime vendor village on walking path between two main stages, or adjacent to stages
  • Food Vendor - FREE (limited to 5)
    • Free of charge in exchange for feeding our volunteers


CONFIRMATION DEADLINES: April 30th for Posters and Flyers, July 2nd for T-Shirts, Programs, Banners

  • All sponsors confirmed before April 30th will be featured on:
    • Ten thousand (10,000) 6” x 4” handbills
    • Two thousand (2,000) 11” x 17” posters
  • All sponsors confirmed before July 2nd will be featured on:
    • Two hundred (200) T-Shirts
    • Five hundred (500) to one thousand (1000) 8.5” x 5.5” programs
    • Two 12’ x 3’ Shared Sponsor Banners
  • All banners will be printed at our expense, but you may provide your own.
  • For dedicated banners ($300 tiers and up), graphics should be full color and in a vector format or minimum 300 dpi.
  • Design services for a basic banner design using your business logo and information are available for a flat fee of $100.


  • Name Sponsor - $100 (limited to 12)
    • Sponsor Name featured on all materials
  • Logo Sponsor - $200 (limited to 8)
    • Sponsor Logo featured on all materials
  • Banner Sponsor - $350 (limited to 9)
    • Logo Sponsor tier plus dedicated 3’ x 8’  horizontal banner on stage front
  • Stage Sponsor - $500, $750, $1000 (limited to 1 per stage)
    • Logo Sponsor tier plus dedicated 12' x 4' vertical banner on stage wings and naming rights to stage on all materials (i.e. “YOUR BUSINESS Stage”)
  • Banner Design Services - $100
    • Basic design including your submitted business logo and information