Congrats!  You’ve been selected to play RPM Fest 2018.  Please have all of your band members read the following information, rules, and guidelines we’ve set for our bands.

Each year, we have over 500 bands apply to play RPM Fest and we have the daunting task of narrowing that list down to just 42.  If we choose you to play the festival, it's not by happenstance - we're methodical and selective in our booking process, we've seen something in you that makes you stand out from the crowd, and we're excited to have you on board.  We select bands that we hope will share that same excitement and dedication to making this event a success and to fostering a heavy music community throughout New England and beyond.

Also, we highly recommend that you stick around for the entire fest weekend!  Every year we have hundreds of people hanging out all night, camping, watching movies, drinking, playing wiffle ball and other games.  If you haven’t experienced RPM Fest before, you don't know what you're missing.

Once you have read all of the below information, please submit your band info, graphics, and (optional) compilation track through our Band Confirmation Form linked at the bottom of this page to confirm your band’s participation in RPM Fest.

What is RPM Fest

  • Annual three day heavy music festival
  • 40+ bands all over the rock, punk, and metal spectrum
  • Vendor area with food and drink, arts and crafts, merchandise
  • Gaming area with wiffle ball, cornhole, beer pong, bear pong
  • Metal karaoke, movies, and games on our giant projection screen
  • Outdoor camping all weekend
  • Dates: Friday August 24th, Saturday August 25th, Sunday August 26th
  • Location: Millers Falls Rod and Gun Club [millersfallsrodandgun.com]
  • Address: 210 Turners Falls Rd, Turners Falls, MA 01376 [Google Maps]

Schedule (TENTATIVE)

  • Thursday: Early band arrival / tent setup 7 PM
  • Friday: Gates open 5 PM, Music 6:30 to 11 PM, Gates close 11 PM
  • Saturday: Gates open 12 PM, Music 2 to 11 PM, Gates close 11 PM
  • Sunday: Gates open 12 PM, Music 2 to 8 PM, Gates close 8 PM
  • Monday: Site clear 11 AM
  • All bands must be on site 90 minutes before their set time
  • All sets are 30 min except for last two sets of day on Stageline and Canopy Stages


  • April 30th: Band Confirmation Forms due
  • May 26th: Tickets on Sale
  • June 4th: Promo Packs mailed out
  • June 25th: First Round of Flyering Complete
  • July 23rd: Second Round of Flyering Complete
  • August 6th: Third Round of Flyering Complete

Graphics - Band logo and photo requirements

  • You must supply and photo and a logo through the Confirmation Form by April 30th.
  • You may also submit a compilation track and album art through the Confirmation Form, also due April 30th.
  • Band photos and logos should be minimum 300 dpi.
  • Photos should be .jpg format format preferably at least 1800x1200 (portrait orientation).
  • Logos should be .png, .psd, or .ai format with a transparent background and suitable for a black background.  For example, if you have a black logo invert it to white.
  • Compilation tracks should be in a lossless format (.WAV, .AIFF, or .FLAC) only. No mp3s. If you don’t have your track in a lossless format, rip it from a CD.
  • If you submit a compilation track, please also submit the accompanying album art in .jpg format, minimum 1400 x 1400 pixels.

30/30 Rule and Promotion

  • Bands are expected to help with promotion through social media and physical flyering.
  • No other shows within 30 miles and 30 days of RPM Fest dates.
  • Please read our Promotion Guidelines for suggestions and tips.
  • We pay attention to these details so you should as well.



  • Drum set: Yamaha Stage Custom, 22 kick 10/12 rack, 16 floor toms
  • Guitar cab 1: Marshall 1960A 4x12 - 300w 16 or 4 ohms mono, 150w 8 ohms stereo
  • Guitar cab 2: Marshall 1960A 4x12 - 600w, 16 ohms
  • Guitar cab 3: Randall 4x12 - 8 ohms
  • Bass cab: Acoustic B810 mkII 8x10 - 1200w, 4 ohms


  • Drum set: Yamaha Stage Custom, 22 kick, 10/12 rack, 16 floor toms
  • Guitar cab 1: Marshall 1960A 4x12 - 300w 16 or 4 ohms mono, 150w 8 ohms stereo
  • Guitar cab 2: Mesa 4x12 - 16 ohms
  • Guitar cab 3: Krank 4x12  - 4 ohms
  • Bass cab: Ampeg SVT 8x10 - 800w, 4 ohms


  • TBA


  • Drummers: stands, hardware, throne, cymbals, snare, pedals, sticks
  • Bassists and Guitarists: amp, pedals, cables, guitars
  • Merch Table: if you want to vend on days other than the one you are playing, bring a table and a 10'x10' pop-up tent - we will have a shared 20x20 merch tent that fits approximately 16 bands, but space will be prioritized for bands playing that day
  • No charcoal grills - small propane grills are fine