RPM Fest is an annual three-day outdoor heavy rock, punk, and metal festival that takes place in Greenfield, MA in late August and features around 50 bands, camping, vendors, games, and more.  Our goal is to produce not just your typical concert with a bunch of bands, but a weekend-long experience that's unlike anything you've ever attended.

The festival, organized by Promotorhead Entertainment and PDP Productions, is the culmination of an underground heavy music scene that has been brewing over the past decade.  We have a mutual love of heavy music, 35+ years of combined experience in concert booking, promoting, and live sound, and the desire to put on a high-quality event while keeping the cost affordable for our attendees.

RPM Fest takes place in Western Massachusetts - a relatively rural area, but a hotbed of heavy music that spawned nationally-recognized bands such as Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall. Since our inception in 2014, we've seen a resurgence in bands and venues here and in the surrounding areas.  Each year, over 600 bands apply to play RPM Fest, and the task of narrowing that field down to something near 50 is a difficult one when there's so much talent and dedication in our music community.

Our goal is to keep fostering the local heavy music scene by showcasing some of the best underground bands that New England has to offer. In future iterations of RPM Fest, we plan to bring bigger national headlining acts and additional sponsors and vendors. Looking further into the future, we hope use the momentum from RPM Fest to found an independent music venue that will become a regular stop on the touring circuit for nationally-known rock, punk, and metal bands.



“For those driving by the Millers Falls Rod & Gun this weekend, the low drone bass guitars and guttural screaming might sound out of place. But for those attending the RPM Fest, it will be a heavy music haven.”

Melina Bourdeau, Greenfield Recorder - August 22nd, 2018

"It's interesting how a lot of people have negative connotations about metal bands and punk rock people," said [event organizer] Brian Westbrook, the front-house engineer PDP Productions and drummer for thrash metal band Lich King, who performed at the festival. "The people that we have here, it's just a big community, a big family."

Shaina Mishkin, MassLive.com - September 2nd, 2015

“The woods of Western Mass promise to be rather loud this weekend for RPM Fest, which brings three days of rock, punk, and metal to Greenfield. As usual, this will be a totally awesome time: vendors, games, raffles, camping. Watch the sun set, party in the dark, and enjoy the wild, wild woods.”

Hunter Styles, Valley Advocate - August 22nd, 2016



2018: Black Tusk • Tombs • Whores. • Acid Witch • Child Bite • INCITE • Against the GrainS.N.A.F.U. • Dead Empires • BARISHI • Heavy TempleWorshipperCortezSmash PotaterWhitenails • Seven Spires • Solium FatalisROZAMOVHey ZeusEpicenter • Black MassGoblet • Sonic PulseCAZADOR • Aversed • VRSA • VaultedOXENCrowriderAge of EmbersVivisepultureGravitonJeopardyBellowerLobotomobile • Das Muerte • The Beast of Nod • Uncomfortables • Drive-By BukkakeDMP • Cry HavocThe Damaged • Anti-Cosmos • Gay Mayor • Ice GiantThe PathAethere • The Humanoids • Black PalmGOLDENHALL • Matt Kim's Rock Shop

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2015: Lich KingProblem With Dragons, Krakatoa, Bottomfed, Deathwish, Vektor, Vaporizer, Replacire, The Humanoids, Slumberjack, CarnivoraWestern Massacre, INTHESHIT, GobletBegat The NephilimGas AttackMy Missing HalfDumpster Fire, Epicenter, Rum HamWrought Iron HexSide Effects May Include, Barishi, Warm, Hessian, Palace In Thunderland, Clover, Cyperna, Thunderforge, Heavy Necker, Disguise the Curse, ROADHORSE, Vacant Eyes, Writing In The Skies, BottlefightCreature Machine, To Kill Again

2014: King Parrot, Lich King, Western Massacre, ROZAMOV, Carnivora, Bedroom Rehab Corporation, Cortez, Problem With Dragons, The Damaged, Uncomfortables, TITANIS, Thunderforge, Asystole, Eviscerate, Sassu Wunnu, ROADHORSE, Krakatoa, Heavy Necker, Vacant Eyes, Barishi, Excrecor, Give Up, PLANETOID, Faces of Bayon, Seax, Hessian, Pathogenic, Dennis Most & The Instigators, Goblet, Dead Empires, Disguise the Curse, Zombie Fighter



  • Extremely friendly vibe and awesome staff working the event. I will definitely be back next year!  

  • It was really wonderful seeing everyone at peace and just having a good time being themselves and enjoying their favorite music.

  • "Just what this summer needed, great job everyone, awesome fest!!"

  • "Thank you so much to everyone who made this weekend so fantastic! Your hard work was VERY much appreciated!"

  • As many have said, there wasn't a single bad set all weekend, just killer music all around. 

  • "What an amazing weekend. Good job to all who made it happen and to all who made it awesome!"

  • "Every band was awesome. Every person was awesome. Thank you to all of you. It was so great to meet probably a hundred people i've only met on the internet in real life."


  • "Great times were had! Thanks to all who put this together, all the bands, and everyone else."

  • Walking back to the campsite later only to find that people had lined the paths with glow sticks. It was magical.  

  • "What an AMAZING fest of awesome bands! The whole thing was so organized and well planned! Good job to all of the crew and bands! YALL ROCK!!!"

  • "That was the most life-changing event I've ever had the absolute pleasure of being a part of."

  • The entire weekend was badass. ...seeing this amazing community come together once again!

  • "This past weekend at RPM Fest was probably one of the best things I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of in my entire life."

  • "RPM Fest was one of the best weekends I've ever had in my life."

  • "Thank you! Amazing job everyone!! We had an absolute blast! Thank you for inviting us to play! Here's to next year!!"

  • "That was the greatest time i think I've ever had playing music. Congratulations on the enormous success that was RPM fest."

  • "Can't say it enough...thank you for everything!!!!!!!!!!!"

  • "RPM Fest was one of the most fun shows we've ever played. Super great time, run well, by people who know what they're doing."

  • "Thank you... This was a very special weekend. I needed that guys..."

  • "I am still in awe of how well Saturday went! Everything was so well organized, and everyone there was cool and helpful!"

  • "AWESOME!! Mind if I just camp here until next year?"

  • I was continually blown away by how good the drums sounded ... the sound in general was great, but the drums were just so crispy. The toms came through crystal clear, and the kicks and snares sounded like machine guns. Sound guys just absolutely killed it.

  • "This has been one of the BEST Festivals I have been to in a long time! Bar NONE!! Whole event went off without a hitch! I am honored to be a part of this crazy, musical family!"

  • "This entire weekend was awesome and I love each and every one of you. And next year's is gonna be even better!"

  • "This fest was one of the best local shows i have ever been to. Just because of it being 2 days 32 bands and getting to camp out in the woods."

  • "This ruled so hard."

  • "RPM Fest was a blast!! Thanks for an amazing time."

  • "Nice work this weekend, everyone!"

  • "We want to thank everyone so much for asking us to play this fantastic show this weekend. one of the best festivals I've ever been to."

  • "Thank you so much!!! It was an amazing time!!"

  • "Scrolling down my news feed and seeing all the awesome photos and videos of RPM Makes me miss it already. Can't wait for next year!"

  • "But seriously, how amazing was RPMFest?"

  • My favorite thing about this weekend was running back and forth between stages and seeing nothing but smiles on my friend’s faces ... it was really wonderful seeing everyone at peace and just having a good time being themselves and enjoying their favorite music.

  • "RPM Fest was truly an incredible experience! We cannot thank every single band, fan, staff member enough!"

  • "We had an amazing time this past weekend at RPM Fest out in Greenfield. For those that missed it, hopefully you can make it next year, because what an awesome event. So many good bands, so many good people, it was quite surreal."

  • "The First RPM fest was awesome! What an honor being invited to play. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this event happen. Same time again next year?"

  • "Well... This weekend ruled. A big thank you to everyone who made RPM Fest possible and thanks to everyone who came. Playing for you all and hanging out and meeting you all was absolutely awesomeeeee."

  • "Just played RPM Fest in Greenfield, MA. What a great time. Thanks for having us!"

  • Honestly everything was perfect though.