• IF YOU HAVE NOT YET PURCHASED YOUR RPM FEST 2019 TICKET, PLEASE DO THAT BEFORE YOU CONFIRM (TICKET LINK HERE)! We will log your volunteer hours during the weekend, and you will receive a rebate on your ticket based on your level of participation after the festival (see Volunteer Rewards section below).

  • Please complete and submit the Volunteer Confirmation Form to confirm your involvement as a volunteer for RPM Fest 2019.

  • Please join the RPM Volunteers Trello Team, create an account, and (if possible) download the app on your phone so we can coordinate volunteer plans and schedules.

  • Please join the RPM Volunteers Facebook Group (and make sure Notifications are turned on for all posts) so we can stay in touch and keep you informed.


  • Street Team

    • Assist with physical and digital promotion from February to August leading up to fest

    • Hang up posters in businesses, on bulletin boards, in high foot traffic areas

    • Hand out flyers at rock, punk, and metal shows at big venues

    • Repost RPM content on social media pages and groups

  • Gate:

    • Stop everyone entering the festival (there will be a security person to help with traffic).

    • Check IDs or email receipts and mark off check-in lists

    • Take cash/credit for day of show ticket sales

    • Put on correct wristbands for weekend, single day, bands, volunteers, staff

    • Distribute VIP Parking passes to all purchasers, vendors, volunteers, staff, bands, and club members

    • Direct anyone without VIP Parking to regular parking, or to security gate for camping drop-off (they will return back to regular parking when done)

    • Direct anyone with VIP Parking to the security gate to present their VIP parking pass for access to infield

  • Info/First Aid:

    • Answer questions, give directions, provide information to attendees

    • Assist with first aid and medical needs

    • Refer to emergency action plan if needed

  • Merch:

    • Sell RPM Fest merchandise

    • Distribute pre-ordered RPM Fest merchandise

    • Use the Shopify POS app to log sales and inventory

    • Handle cash, make change, take credit card orders

  • Activities:

    • Set up and run games, movies, karaoke, and other activities

    • Organize and oversee tournaments and competitions

    • Give out prizes to winners of games

  • Maintenance:

    • Make sure all equipment, tables, chairs, signage, banners, etc. are in place

    • Be on call to fix things, solve problems, move gear, or sort out any issues

  • Security:

    • Stop all cars at the security gate

    • Direct cars without VIP Parking to camping drop-off area and then exit back out to main parking

    • Direct bands or vendors with VIP Parking to gear drop off areas, then to infield area

    • Direct Rod and Gun Club members to club parking

    • Direct anyone else with VIP Parking to infield area

    • Observe and protect crowd, mosh pit, and stage areas

    • Roam the grounds to ensure safety of all people and report any incidents

  • Backstage:

    • Provide bands with drink tickets, waters, sodas at check-in

    • Provide headlining and touring bands with meal tickets and snacks at check-in

    • Verify that only bands, staff, and volunteers are in backstage area

  • Audio:

    • Assist bands with loading and hooking up gear on stage

    • Assist with band changeovers and mic placements

    • Watch the set to watch for and fix issues with gear

  • Video:

    • Operate cameras during band performances

    • Copy video files to hard drives and clear memory cards

    • Swap out camera memory cards and batteries

  • Photography:

    • Take photos of band performances

    • Take candids of bands, crowds, campers

    • Document all aspects of the festival

  • Food Service:

    • Assist CherryRail Farm with taking food orders, handling cash, fulfilling orders



  • Volunteer schedule will be posted on this page, in the Volunteer Facebook Group, on the Volunteer Trello Board, and in the Staff Area at the festival.

  • Volunteers get free VIP Parking inside the fest grounds.

  • Check in at the main gate to receive your wristband and your VIP parking pass.

  • Check in at the RPM Merch Tent to receive your T-Shirt.

  • Check in at the Staff Area 10 min before your shift to receive your Volunteer Lanyard.

  • Check out at the Staff Area after your shift to return your Volunteer Lanyard, record your shift in the log and receive your meal ticket.



  • Volunteers will receive credit for the following tasks:

    • Distributing RPM Fest handbills at a nationally touring rock/punk/metal show (2 hours credit per show)

    • Posting RPM Fest flyers in a designated town, city, or region (2 hours credit per area)

    • Volunteering for a 4-hour shift during RPM Fest setup, festival weekend, or teardown (4 hours credit per shift)

  • Volunteers that complete 20 hours of credit will receive a 100% discount on a Weekend Ticket.

  • Volunteers that complete 12 hours of credit will receive a 50% discount on a Weekend Ticket or 100% discount on a Single Day Ticket.

  • Volunteers that complete 4 hours of credit will receive a 20% discount on a Weekend Ticket or 50% discount on a Single Day Ticket.

  • To earn credit, volunteers must check in/out at the Staff Area before and after their shift, or provide photo proof of them posting flyers or distributing handbills.

  • Volunteers receiving a discount will be reimbursed by refunding their ticket order partially or in full. This will happen shortly after the festival is over.

  • All volunteers will receive a free RPM Fest Shirt.

  • All festival weekend volunteers will also receive one meal ticket per day after the completion of their shift.

  • Photographers receive free entry in exchange for providing RPM Fest with a selection of their non-watermarked photos and a non-exclusive license to use them for festival promotion purposes on our website, social media, posters, flyers, advertisements, etc. Photos will be credited whenever they are displayed. We will not sell merchandise or otherwise receive income from anything featuring your photos.



Shows to Handbill

If you are attending or live near any of these shows, please bring RPM Fest handbills with you and hand them out to people leaving the venue at the end of the night!

Flyering Locations

If you live or work near any of these towns, please hang up RPM Fest posters in record stores, music instrument shops, food take out places, bulletin boards, and any other locations with high foot traffic.  Bring scotch tape and push pins, and always ask an employee before hanging a poster.




  • February to August - Handbill Shows

  • Jun 26th to July 3rd - First Round of Postering

  • July 23rd to July 31st - Second Round of Postering

  • August 14th - Third Round of Postering


  • Wed, August 28th

    • 10 AM to 8 PM - Setup

  • Thurs, August 29th

    • 10AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors

    • 10 AM to 8 PM - Setup

    • 8PM - Staff / Volunteer / Band Banquet (FREE FOOD)

  • Fri, August 30th

    • 10 AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors

    • 10 AM to 4 PM - Setup

    • 11 AM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting

    • 12 PM - Gates Open for VIP Parking

    • 4PM - Gates Open

    • 5 PM to 10 PM - Music

    • 10PM to 12 AM - Activities

  • Sat, August 31st

    • 10 AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors

    • 11 AM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting

    • 12PM - Gates Open

    • 1PM to 10 PM - Music

    • 10PM to 1 AM - Activities

  • Sun, Sept 1st

    • 10 AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors

    • 11 AM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting

    • 12PM - Gates Open

    • 1PM to 10PM - Music

    • 10PM to 12 AM - Activities and Cleanup

  • Mon, Sept 2nd

    • 10 AM to 8 PM - Teardown


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