• Street Team
    • Assist with physical and digital promotion from February to August leading up to fest
    • Hang up posters in businesses, on bulletin boards, in high foot traffic areas
    • Hand out flyers at rock, punk, and metal shows at big venues
    • Repost RPM content on social media pages and groups
  • Setup/Teardown
    • Assist with setup of site and gear Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday before fest
    • Assist with teardown of site and gear Sunday night and Monday after fest
  • Gate:
    • Check IDs or email receipts and mark off check-in lists
    • Take cash/credit for day of show ticket sales
    • Put on correct wristbands for weekend, single day, bands, volunteers
    • Distribute programs to all attendees, bands, volunteers
  • Info/First Aid
    • Answer questions, give directions, provide information to attendees
    • Assist with first aid and medical needs
    • Refer to emergency action plan if needed
  • Merch Tent:
    • Selling RPM Fest merchandise
    • Keeping track of inventory, items sold, and pre-orders distributed
    • Handling money and making change
  • Security
    • Observe and protect crowd, mosh pit, and stage areas
    • Roam the grounds to ensure safety of all people and report any incidents
  • Backstage/Hospitality:
    • Provide bands with drink tickets, waters, sodas at check-in
    • Provide headlining and touring bands with meal tickets and snacks at check-in
    • Verify that only bands, staff, and volunteers are in backstage area
  • Sound:
    • Assist bands with loading and hooking up gear on stage
    • Assist with band changeovers and mic placements
    • Watch the set to watch for and fix issues with gear
  • Video:
    • Operate cameras during band performances
    • Copy video files to hard drives and clear memory cards
    • Swap out camera memory cards and batteries
  • Photographers:
    • Take photos of band performances
    • Take candids of bands, crowds, campers
    • Document all aspects of the festival


  • Volunteers will receive either a one-day RPM Fest 2018 ticket or $10 in RPM Merch credit for each of the following tasks:
    • Assisting at an RPM Fundraiser Show
    • Distributing RPM Fest handbills at a nationally touring rock/punk/metal show
    • Posting RPM Fest flyers in a designated town, city, or region
    • Volunteering for a 4-hour shift during RPM Fest setup, festival weekend, or teardown
  • To earn credit, volunteers must check in with RPM Staff at Fundraiser Shows, at the fest, or provide photo proof of them posting flyers or distributing handbills.
  • All volunteers that complete at least three tasks will receive a free RPM Fest Shirt.
  • All festival weekend volunteers will also receive a meal ticket after the completion of their shift.



  • Once per month May to August - RPM Fundraiser Shows
  • June to August - Distributing Handbills
  • June 5th - Band and Volunteer Promo Packs Mailed Out
  • June 25th - First Round of Flyering Complete
  • July 23rd - Second Round of Flyering Complete
  • August 6th - Third Round of Flyering Complete


  • Thurs, August 23rd 10AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors
  • Thurs, August 23rd, 11 AM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting
  • Thurs, August 23rd, 10 AM to 8 PM - Setup
  • Thurs, August 23rd, 8PM - Staff / Volunteer / Band Banquet
  • Fri, August 24th, 10 AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors
  • Fri, August 24th, 11 AM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting
  • Fri, August 24th, 11 AM to 4 PM - Setup
  • Fri, August 24th, 3PM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting
  • Fri, August 24th, 4PM - Gates Open
  • Fri, August 24th, 4 PM to 11 PM - RPM Fest Day 1
  • Sat, August 25th, 10 AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors
  • Sat, August 25th, 11 AM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting
  • Sat, August 25th, 12PM - Gates Open
  • Sat, August 25th, 12PM to 11 PM - RPM Fest Day 2
  • Sun, August 26th, 10 AM - Gates Open for Volunteers / Bands / Vendors
  • Sun, August 26th, 11 AM - Volunteer Coordination Meeting
  • Sun, August 26th, 12PM - Gates Open
  • Sun, August 26th, 12PM to 9 PM - RPM Fest Day 3
  • Sun, August 27th, 9 PM to 11 PM - Cleanup
  • Mon, August 27th, 9 AM to 5 PM - Cleanup


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Shows to Handbill

If you are attending or live near any of these shows, please bring RPM Fest handbills with you and hand them out to people leaving the venue at the end of the night!

  • TBA

Flyering Locations

If you live or work near any of these towns, please hang up RPM Fest flyers in record stores, music instrument shops, food take out places, bulletin boards, and any other locations with high foot traffic.  Bring scotch tape and push pins, and always ask the person behind the counter before hanging a flyer. 

    • Greenfield / Montague
    • Deerfield / Sunderland
    • Northfield / Gill / Bernardston
    • Amherst / Belchertown / Hadley
    • Northampton/Easthampton
    • Shelburne / Shelburne Falls / Charlemont
    • Holyoke / South Hadley / Chicopee
    • Springfield / Agawam / Longmeadow
    • Westfield
    • Ludlow / Monson / Palmer
    • Erving / Orange / Athol
    • Gardner / Fitchburg / Leominster
    • Worcester
    • Boston
    • Framingham
    • Lowell
    • Williamstown / North Adams
    • Pittsfield
    • Brattleboro
    • Rutland
    • Bennington
    • Burlington
    • Keene
    • Peterborough
    • Manchester
    • Hudson
    • Salem
    • Nashua
    • Enfield
    • Hartford
    • New Haven
    • Providence
    • Albany